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Originally Posted by Shag View Post
Most of the private passenger auto policies cover the insured's liability arising out of the "ownership, maintenance, or use" of a "covered auto". The policy goes on to define what is a covered auto and one of the covered autos is "any trailer you own". Still need to check with your agent because some states can be a little quirky.
I actually have the trailer itself fully insured, however, I still don't know if it would be covered if someone else were pulling it. But now, honestly, I don't care. Regardless if it would be covered, if he causes an accident, I don't want anyone coming after my insurance for something he did wrong. Just trying to cover my @ss, something I've grown to do a little more often as I grow older and wiser, well no I get not wiser...

Originally Posted by nausetlight View Post
If you accept cash in the exchange what will prevent him from just keeping it when he gets 400 miles away??...I understand he is your friend, but have you ever watched Judge Judy??
That would actually work out well, the trailer's is for sale anyway. This way, it also gives him incentive to bring it back up here in a timely manner when he's done with it so he can get his money back. Don't get me wrong, this guy may be a good friend of mine, but he's never been the most mature and responsible one...

And it's also not so much that I don't trust him, it's just that a lot of things can go wrong when pulling this big of a trailer that will probably weigh in at over 15k pounds when loaded up, regardless of how responsible you are or how many precautions you take.

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