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Originally Posted by tprice View Post
Not sure what was said but the story was a true story and I think you could delete those posts but not the entire thread.

Yeah, I don't get it.

No offense Mod 13, but that thread would certainly be one most folks would talk about while sitting around a marina. You have to admit, it was pretty funny. BTW, you do realize that photo I posted of the black guy was in fact the guy who had a thing for the horse. I just saw you deleted one I'd posted.

Hey Menzies, just out of curiosity (and the chance to make this a teachable moment ), were you offended about my playing with your quote about the K-Y? Hell, I was just messing with you and put a at the end. Obviously Snappeckerhead posted something that offended somebody. Can anybody PM me what he posted so I'll know what not to say?
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