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Just host a regular internet site (http). You can use MS Windows 2000 and up to host the site or I'm sure there are tons of other shareware, etc sw packages out there to host a site with. I think even XP will allow you to host a site but I've never tried it. Build a web page with links to your library and post that up on the site. You will need to obtain a public IP address to assign to your home page from your ISP. If you want DNS resolution, you will have to register your home page / IP address with someone like Otherwise, your family can just type your page's IP address into their web browser (probably the safest way). I did one about 8 yrs ago for the school of nursing at a local university where they host training videos for students. Only had access on the LAN till last year when we opened it up to the internet. Works great. When they add new content, they just use Front Page to add new links to the home page. Go here to check out the Nursing site to see what I'm talking about. This is just a MS 2003 server granting access to a 1 terrabyte SAN array where the videos are stored accross a fiber-channel LAN.

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