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Years ago we towed our 18' Invader on a trailer behind my car. NY requires inspections of all trailers. The cost was $10, and I think it's still the same. Of course, the inspection sticker was made to be stuck to the inside of the windshield of a car so there was no way to attach it to a trailer! I was told to keep it in my wallet along with the registration. Unfortunately, NY DMV regulations require inspection stickers to be on the vehicles! Catch 22!!! I used to place the sticker on the front post of the trailer wrapped with clear extra-strong tape. Worked for me. I never got a ticket for an inspection violation; but I did get parking tickets once for both my car and the trailer when the local community decided to crack down on car/trailer combinations which were parked (legally) on the streets near the town ramp! I had to fight the tickets. P.S. I won. Boaters sometimes seem to be easy prey, but sometimes we're at fault for not knowing the rules. Safe boating, all. Hy
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