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I'm use to this turmoil and it's never stopped since I got into the IT field in the late 90's. I've worked for five different "employers" and haven't moved my cube....

Earlier this year the company I was working for, was bought out by another rather large manufacturer of computer goods and services and the CEO said that our brand showed profits but "not enough" and it was "Not acceptable" so they decided to cut massive amounts of jobs, solely in the United States and PR, of course Malyasia and India hasn't been touched, since you get 10 for a dollar over there.

I got my pay cut via email (nice and personal, riiiiiight) we've lost people on our team and my team right now is five total and we support 6000 clients. And just last week we were TOLD that we HAVE to use 8 days of our Vacation at Christmas because the bean counters determined this is a great cost savings measure since most other places are closed too! (Real smart Poindexter, I work in the Utilities sector, they don't close!)

At least the CEO was a real generous guy and while I only took a 10% mandatory pay cut, he stepped up to the plate and took a massive 20% pay cut from his 890K base salary. That did not effect his 30+ Million a year in bonus money, 45,000.00 a year in meal allowances or his full use of the Corp jet for private use.

And I'm sure the hatchet is right above my head, it always is... And considering the way my life has been going recently I half expect it.. I mean, I just came home from work on Friday April the 24th and found my dad had passed away during the day and I found him when I came home from work, and it was unexpected. So why not throw more my way.

*shrugs* One thing I've always known, Life isn't fair... And it's never going to change.

I wish you the best!