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Ray Zor
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Thanks for the comments folks.
I am going to take some time off. 2-3 months at least. Have few cold ones and get out on the water as soon as this damn wind dies down. Went out Wednesday and spent the morning bouncing around over very muddy water in the bay. Did manage a couple of bayou specks. Of course, gotta hit Disney, SeaWorld w/my 7 YO.
making a trip to San Antonio to see family as well.
My wife and I have always agreed on the lifestyle choice we made.
We intentionally have chosen to live below our means and it has rewarded us greatly during this dry spell.
Basically everything we have is paid off. I am still driving my 1998 F150. Been a great truck. Gonna finish the resto on my '68 Triumph Bonneville. Crank is in the shop getting turned.

The job I had was a very nice corporate job very good income/benefits package. I did get a 3 month severence package including insurance coverage for entire family so not really sweating it currently. I shouldn't have to touch savings at all as I should be back at it within 3 months.
Just feels real wierd not working. I can tell you now, I am going to have one helluva time trying to retire in 20 years..............