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I know it sucks getting laid off, but when one door closes another one opens. Usually the door that opens is better than the one closed.

I was a software security administrator when I was laid off in 2001 when the tech bubble burst. The worst part is that at the time I got into the IT world you didn't need any type of degree. All you needed was to know something about computers and a certificate or two didn't hurt. During that time over 1500 people were laid off in my area from the same company. Companies required a 4 year degreee and experience. I had the experience but not the degree. All I was offered was some $10 an hour jobs. I had to turn them down cause it didn't pay the bills. Took some time off and now I own my own business.

People told me that something better will come along but I didn't beleive them. I felt like I was just in a dark deep hole spinning deeper and deeper, but with some hard work and tanacity I am doing great and you will too.