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I feel your pain too.

I fly jets for Fedex now; There are serious rumors of furlough, but so far I am safe.

I flew for Express One International between 1996 and 2001; Suddenly I lost a job that paid me $100k/per year plus. My reaction? I spent a bunch of time with my parents, my woman, did charity work out the ass, and I started to write a book. I never finished it, and it is drivel anyway, but listen:

I was 35 years old in 2001, and I had plenty of savings. I used the time to learn to paint, I tried to write, and I did ALL SORTS of maintenance on my Porsche 928. The long and short: This layoff was temporary: I was laid off in January, and found a job in June. This six month period? This was what my girl called my "second childhood". I did so many things I had wanted to do so bad! I even took the hydrofoil from Key West to Fort Jefferson. I had them bring my kayak, and I used this tiny 9 foot boat to go to Loggerhead Key, which is two miles away over open water.

The point: DUDE! If you don't use this temporary layoff to go to the places you want to go to, and do the things you've always wanted to do...then you are just cutting off your life!

Good luck. But please...please...PLEASE! Make use of this time to have some fun! You're going to get another job. But you are NOT going to get another life~