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Default RE: What To Do?????

OK, I know I am going to get stomped on, let please let me state, this is just an opinion.


Being on ant boat in the water sure beats standing on dry land.

The dilemma you have is one reason my family purchased the boat we did. The hull has a lifetime warranty. In that it is a 2005 model, I have five years from April of 2005 to transfer ownership to my son, currently a college student.

When I get where I can no longer launch and operate my boat, it will be my son's. He can replace the motor and all the electronics much cheaper than buying a new boat. Because it is plastic, we do not have any gel coat cracks to worry about or any gel coat / fiberglass to either polish or repair.

I want my son and his family (at least I hope he has a family, just not yet) to learn to enjoy the water together. It is my hope, yes I said hope, that this will be a gift that will go well past my lifetime.

Good luck with your decision. Regardless of what you do, stay on the water.