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Default RE: What To Do?????

It's a very difficult question to answer. You need to ask yourself... Do you really like the boat, layout, and does it meet your needs? If yes, then keeping it starts to make a little more sense. Do you plan on outgrowing it anytime soon? If so, then moving up in this "terrible" market may make sense. That's what I did. If you were to sell and upgrade, are you looking for a $10-$15k boat or are you looking to spend more (and are you able to do so financially)?

If you decide to keep the boat and repower, I would make sure that the hull can handle a 4 stroke engine due to weight. Many older boats can't. If not, you are looking at E-TEC, Opti, HPDI, etc. These can all be good engines. The decision as to what is best should really be based on local service and support. Again, there really aren't any bad engines anymore.

Also, have you considered a repower with a newer (used) engine that someone is upgrading from. This will also save you $$$, but you will most likely have to re-rig anyway, which still adds to the cost of the repower.

If you let us know where you are located, I'm sure that someone can make some "local" suggestions.

Good luck.