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Default Re: Help Me Understand This Bank Bailout Thing

The whole thing is "PFM" there never was any money...did you ever take real money and tell the clerk to put this cash in my account...no, you gave him/her a piece of paper and he/she gave you a piece of paper in return...

Now the US Gov't just gave any bank who said "we have no more assets" money was it just paper or was it really cash money...that should be the real question and the other should be "what do you have to secure this money we are giving to you" instead they continue to give executives the CASH and STOCKS. And demand that the Gov't stay out of their business, the same as the AUTO COMPANIES...

The movers and shakers are the only one's with any money/paper in their accounts...Those with the money make the rules for the rest of us to live by.

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