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Default RE: Had an accident a year ago, now problems with vehicle

Johnshan - 2/9/2009 5:36 PM

My truck left the road last winter due to the icy conditions and I ended up moving the entire passenger wheel back 3" when I hit a large rock.

The insurance company fixed it, which included all new parts on the passenger side, right down to the rim. The frame was also "tweaked" so they straightened that out.

Now, just about 1 year to the day later, the carrier bearings in my front differential axle are shot on the passenger side, which took the hit a year ago.

How do I go about getting the insurance company to fix this? My mechanic warned me at the time that any type of damage to the front axle wouldnt show for awhile.

The truck is a 2000 GMC Sierra 4x4.

Thanks for any input here.

Pull out you repair invoice from the shop, look for the bearing/hub replacement.

Pull out your insurance estimate (including any and all supplements), look for the bearing/hub replacement.

Ask the shop if they requested the bearing be replaced.

If the shop requested it and it was denied, call your insurance company and complain. (look at the warranty and was this repair shop you used, one "suggested" by the insurance company?)

I fight with almost every insurance company for bearing/hub/axle shaft replacement when a rim has been bent, knuckle bent, lower control arm bent, etc etc. They too often deny the bearing/hub replacement. In that case I document it in my file, and on the repair invoice given to the customer. I explain what may happen upon bearing failure, examples are overheating of the hub/bearing and wheel/tire separation from the subject vehicle....which may then fly across the highway and kill a family of 6 on vacation. And when a one of the four wheels separates from the subject vehicle...that vehicle may crash also.

LOOK for the repair line, was it done?

If you'd like you could fax me the invoice...I can tell you what was done and what was not done correctly. PM me for a fax #.

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