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Default Re: Had an accident a year ago, now problems with vehicle

chances are slim that it will be covered. How many miles are on the vehicle? I would suspect this is more a wear issue than related to dammage. If a bearing had been hit hard enough to cause it to fail, this would have shown early on, just because of the increased heat. While other axle damage may time "some time" to show, if you drive the vehicle at all it will be evident pretty quick. The lifespan of any moving part that is out of it's tollerance spec is very short lived.

Edit: after re-reading your post I caught the all new parts thing. In this case, your only recourse is going to be with the front carrier/bearing manufacturer/supplier. The insurance company may possibly be able to help you with records of parts purchases, and things like that, however they are not typically in th business of placing warranty coverage on replacement parts.
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