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Hydro - 2/8/2009 9:12 AM

Wolakrab - 2/8/2009 9:07 AM

They all should be outed. Jerks like A-Rod, Canseco, and Bonds have cast a pall on a great game. Even if Bonds is the HR champion, he should never be allowed in the BB Hall of Fame. No one who took steroids should be inducted, period.
I agree with that. I bet guys like Bonds and A-____ would probably still be at the top of their game without the drugs, so why bother? Baseball (and i'll bet other pro sports) have a problem here. They better get a real handle on it with serious action or people will stop shelling out big bucks to watch a bunch of doped-up millionaires play catch.
Some estimates have the total number of Major League Players that have used PED's at somewhere in the 70% range.

Am I opposed to the use of PED's? Sure, but if I'm a hitter, and I know the pitchers are using it, I'd be tempted. If I'm a pitcher and I knew the hitters were using it? I'd be tempted.

Bud Selig and the Union get a pass while the players take the beating, sure, OK, they make millions but the Collective Bargaining Agreement has fostered this misuse.

Football gets a HELL of a skate on this one. How do guys like Brett Favre take beatings into their silver years? How about Golf, Tennis, and even Hollywood use is rampant. But who cares about them.

I was glued to the TV when this crap started, now I just don't care anymore. It was accepted behavior, by the owners, managers, agents, unions, MLB's office, NETWORKS (nobody likes homeruns like the press). Everyone made millions on the use of PED's not just the players. I say move on.

No more George Mitchell Bullsh!t. (joke)

I'll be anxiously awaiting Pitchers and Catchers. Bring on Baseball.

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