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There is a neat SR-71 MD (Mother-daughter configuration) at the Boeing museum in Seattle. One of the museum staffers saw me looking the plane over and I wound up with a 45 minute personal technical overview. There is a tremendous amount of fascinating trivia about this plane. It is 50 years since it was originally designed, and it still earns my respect. The SR-71 is even more impressive when you consider the limitations on materials and electronics due to the era in which it was built. I am sorry that I never got to see (and hear) one of these on a flyby. I believe the motors came out of the Pratt plant 10 miles west of my house in Jupiter, FL.

The Boeing museum is probably the best aviation museum I have ever seen and has a very knowledgable and enthusiastic staff. The museum and the Boeing factory tour are a must see if you visit the NW.