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Default Re: BART Police - New Lawsuit / Moving Taser

topofthefoodchain - 2/5/2009 10:37 AM
How does everyone feel knowing the people with our protection in there hands are dense enough to not realize that there tazer is blue and metal instead of bright yellow and plastic before the shot?
For the cop to say to the courts that he thought he had his taser in his hands when he shoot is like telling the world that he has a brain smaller then a peanut! One for saying that. Two for not knowing the difference between the feel and weight of the two different instruments. Three, it would appear that the cop raise his gun as if to be looking down the sights as he aimed and shoot and he didnít notice that it was a gun in his hands.........crips Iíd have to be mentally retarded to buy into that sh!t, yet the cops work hard to sell it!

I find this EXTREMELY Interesting....... what happened to the link in the first post (listed below) that showed the girlís recording of the shooting at the subway?????? Obviously there is only one party that can pull posts, threads or edit threads around here and there would only be a very small few around here that would have a vested interest in having that link pulled.

So no wonder why people like me form such strong opinions against the ones that wear blue! But the really sad part about it all is, the people that donít see the true colour of blue are the ones that can be fooled into having there shoe laces tied together.