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Default RE: BART Police - New Lawsuit / Moving Taser

Eyeball - 2/5/2009 1:46 AM
Don't know, haven't seen all of the videos, but I heard there are videos of the shooter cop before, during, and after the shooting. The before video shows the taser on his left side. The shooting video shows him grab his gun from the right side. The after video, sometime after the shooting, shows the taser moved to his right side. Humm.

What a joke!!!!!!!!! That's why the cops were running around and trying to steal all the cell phones and they could hide the facts. That is in part why I trust the cops as far as I can throw a truck!

edit: I wonder "if" this new video was used in his defense or will be attempted to be used in his defense? And if so, who gets busted for tampering with evidence? ........Probably no one, because the cops did it!
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