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Default BART Police - New Lawsuit / Moving Taser

It isn't getting any better for the BART Police Dept. After one of their own shot an unarmed person in the back on New Years day, 5 witnesses to the event are now suing the department. All of them claim the same thing; they were unarmed, cooperative with the BART police, physically abuse, cuffed, and made to sit cuffed for hours while the police investigated the shooting.

The cop that shot Oscar Grant in the back as he was face down on the ground came up for a bail hearing. He claimed he intended to taser Grant, accidentally grabbed his firearm. The judge said "I'm not buying it, but I'll give you bail." Bail is set at $3-million. The officer is sitting in jail, where he is expected to remain.

Don't know, haven't seen all of the videos, but I heard there are videos of the shooter cop before, during, and after the shooting. The before video shows the taser on his left side. The shooting video shows him grab his gun from the right side. The after video, sometime after the shooting, shows the taser moved to his right side. Humm.

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