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Default Re: Anyone here reload ammo?

Marsa, reloading is a great hobby. My .02$, I'm green on the single stage (RCBS rock chucker now over 30 years old) and blue (Dillon 550, 20 years old) two completely different tools.
For getting started get a complete "kit" of the color of your choice and add to it till you get your feet wet and decide your needs. A complete progressive set up with all the equipment needed to keep it well fed adds up quick and takes a fair amount of dedicated space, add bulk brass, primers, powder, tumblers, media and you get the idea.
In order to see the benefits of a progressive you should compare component costs vs surplus (case lots).
The single stage should keep up with your 308 needs, the .380 is not worth the time involved, the .45 is a shoe in for the progressive if you shoot enough.
With the ammo/component prices we are seeing and will see for some time, any way you can put some up (store for the future) is a win win...........
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