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Default Re: Looking to Buy a 27 Albemarle. Looking for some feedback

Did some quick (real quick) research. Looks like the boat is a jackshaft model, any idea what the deadrise is? looks like mine judging by the pics. 24 deg. What engines? I've got VP 740.

I absolutely love the ride of this boat. It drives like a tank, tackles some of the worst weather. I ran at cruise speed in 5'ers and drank coffee. The boat does rock in drift, but that's the compromise of the 24 deg. I love the jackshaft power once I balanced it. It's basically a LONG driveshaft and it needs perfect balancing to operate properly. If it is not balanced, don't fret, its easy to do.(get into that another time).

The cabin is good for a couple (why I bought it) stand up head, mini galley and the berth is comfortable enough. My family grew to 3 so the single berth is out (reason for selling).

If you fish, this is a fishing machine and you would have a hard time going wrong with this boat. It is heavy for a 27'er but again, nothing falls apart on these boats and they age well.

Does the cockpit have beige or white gelcoat? I have beige and they are notorious for spider cracks (including mine) and this is the ONLY flaw I can come up with. My survey confirms no water infiltration in the spider cracks, but something to look at.

I would think the 27 is getting a little on the heavy side for trailering. I towed mine with a 3/4 ton and then a 1 ton pickup and its VERY heavy and bulky. But I was towing 3 to 5 hours each way. The 27 with twins is going to be a handfull with anything but a 1 ton plus...

Tell us more about the boat. But the Albemarle is a quality stamp on a boat (even though I'm selling mine) and its hard to go wrong, unless the application doesn't fit you..

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