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Default Mounting Airmar Transducer Question


You helped me out a while back in deciding where to put a second Airmar transducer on the transom of my Dusky, now I have another question about actually mounting it. Heres a picture to possibly refresh your memory:

We decided it was best to mount the new transducer on the port side, mirror image to the existing transducer.

The starboard side transducer is used with a Sitex unit and basically has a SS bracket that screws to the transom. When the screws are snugged down on this bracket, the bracket rests firmly against the transom and with a liberal amount of 5200, I feel comfortable that it is sealed and will not let water in.

On the new Airmar transducer (P66), the mounting bracket is plastic and when the screws are snugged down in their slotted holes, there is still a 1/4" plus space between the screw head and the transom. In other words you can still see threads on the screw. This, to me looks like it will be difficult at best to seal. Its tough to explain, but I hope you understand what I mean.

I have thought about screwing (or bonding) a mounting plate to the transom and screwing the mount to that, but I was hoping for another suggestion. Also, I know I could drill bigger holes, fill with epoxy and redrill but I really don't want to drill bigger holes than necessary in the transom.

Thanks for any suggestions. I really appreciate your help.

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