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Default Mercury Smart Craft Fuel Burn

Alright guys, here is my problem. The boat has been sitting up for a few months and 2 weeks ago I went to run it. It is a 34 fountain with trip vrods. Everything was great but for some reason my speedometer guage that gives me my combined fuel burn was not working. Each individual guage was giving me the gallons per hour with for that motor...and the total fuel burnt for all 3 motors on the 4th guage (speedometer) was working. The only thing that was giving me problems was the inst burn...which is the average current burn for all the motors in 1.5 is not giving me the current total burn in mpg. All it will read is 0.0 mpg. The speedometer needle wasn't working either on that same guage. I am thinking the two have got to be tied together. Any ideas on what to do? My mechanic said either to do the master reset or he was going to unplug it and then re plug. Thanks for any help guys
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