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Default Re: Anyone have these tools?

Thanks, There is not a lot here except for box stores and the local lumber companys do not stock or sell specialty tools , but I saw one the guy's at the supermarket and he told me they could order the blades for me once I get it. There is a Pro woodworker .com out of NC that I use sometimes , I needed a 1 3/8" plug cutter w/ a 1/2 " shank and they had it, everyone else had a 5/8" shank and I did not want to have mess with changing the chuck. I am going to get the full kit whatever that might have in it , cheaper in the long run.

I have bought a lot of CD's from Amazon/ but I got a cool tool from them last month it is from Starrett it is a protractor with the degrees on it very cool and saves a lot of time when you are in odd angles it is like a bevel square except it has the degrees built in / if I could have thought of it I would have a bigger boat
here is a link to it

This is the 12" if you need they have a 7" one which I think is better for trim and tight corners vs the 12 for winders .
OK I got off the subject,
So Thanks to all of you and again MERRY CHRISTMAS.
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