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Default Re: Anyone have these tools?

The Fein is the "Mack Daddy" when it comes to cutting caulk! I recently did some work in a Modular home (Nanticoke) and I could not BELIEVE the amount of caulk they used!! The gaps between window frames and framing were all caulked. The Fein smooth blade cut through that stuff like butter! One thing to remember about most tools is this "Let the tool do the work." I've seen guy's use way to much force with these tools in hopes of speeding up the job, only to have it take twice as long, or even worse, have the tool break. If the "head" of the tool isn't operating at it's optimum speed, it won't acheive the best results.

As for the Bosch version, It is garbage! Bosch should stick to what they do well, like their jig saws, planers and routers.