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Default Re: Is this tile layout the most efficient?

blueh20pc - 12/21/2008 1:56 PM Buddy of mine just said to remember that I got 3/4" of baseboard trim to install, so I should offset it off the wall.

I'm not an expert but I think that is the other way around with the trim base board...

I understand that: you want the floor tile to go all the way to the wall and then the baseboard on top of the floor. this way you get the two cut sides together and hidden, with all the "finished" sides exposed...

Did I explain myself correctly??? please could somebody agree or disagree???

edit: sorry I was under the assumption that you were using the same tile to do the baseboard thats why I was talking about keeping cut side together and hidden, but re-read you op and saw something about a 3/4". Either way it's still the same, the trim goes over the cut tile to hide the imperfections of the cuting.