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Default Re: Has anyone installed an ice maker in a freezer that wasn't equipped for one?

Garett - 12/21/2008 10:49 AM

Ok we'll abandon the notion of installing a water line. Let's look at what's involved with removing and installing the ice maker from one frig to another. First off, the ice maker in the existing frig is plumbed to the refrig's compressor, therefore there is R-12 (freon) involved and plumbing invoved. Therefore the removal of the ice maker involves a licensed professional that can capture the R-12 coolant before any of the plumbing can be dealt with. Once R-12 is taken care of now you or the licensed A/C guy has to deal with the plumbing of the coolant lines. After the coolant lines have been patched up the system needs to be recharged. So that covers your existing frig with the ice maker in it.

The frig you have in the the compressor large enough to handle the addition load of an ice maker? Let's hypothetically say yes it is. Now you need the licensed A/C tech to capture the R-12 so the plumbing can be tapped into, pay the tech to run new lines to your transplanted ice maker and recharge the A/C system. And if your budget isn't looking to good about now, don't forget you haven't even paid for the service call yet.

If you can buy a stand alone ice maker for a hundred buck, well chance are you could buy three or four of them for the money you'll spend for a professional to come into your home to do the type of work you're after annnnnnnd that ALL depends on whether the compressor in the garage can handle the extra load of the ice maker.

Guess again!