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Default Re: Has anyone installed an ice maker in a freezer that wasn't equipped for one?

OMG, do I really need to explain this? There is no way to get a water line to my refrigerator. I tried to figure out a way but I couldn't so I called a plumber. The plumber couldn't figure out a way to get a water line to the refrigerator either without tearing something up. The refrigerator sits on 1/2 wall in the kitchen, the floor is ceramic tile, my downstairs is finished drywall with no ceiling access unless you cut holes in the ceiling. There are no cabinets on the side of the kitchen where the refrigerator is at.

The point is that even if I could get a water line to the refrigerator in the kitchen my wife said she wouldn't want it connected anyway. We have well water and we don't use tap water for our ice for drinking. She wants the extra room in the refrigerator so I want to remove the ice maker anyway. When I bought the new refrigerator/freezer there was no "ice maker delete" option.

I didn't see the need to explain all of this, I just want to know if I should try to put the ice maker that came with the new refrigerator into my garage freezer. Thanks for your comment Garett but I'm not planning on "ripping apart" anything.

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