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Default Re: Auto Insurance for a teenager..Yikes!

itwonder - 12/20/2008 11:46 PM

Forget the online crap and try calling some agents, including at least one independent agent. Try Amica, Erie, Met-Life, USAA...not sure they all write in FL. Who writes you Homeowners Insurance? They are usually a good bet to add auto coverage. Does your company offer any employee discounts through associated insurance companies...they may if it's a large company.
I agree completely, how about a drivers ed discount?? In SC ALL 15 & 16 yr olds must have drivers education before getting a license.

I know when we added our son a 6 yrs ago the agents at the Southern Farm Bureau kept telling me "we would send you a bill" when I inquired about how much our son would increase our insurance. I do most all of their income taxes and kind of new what was coming. It pretty much doubled our insurance but we did add another car. Now our son is 21 and we now have a 15 yr old daughter that will be getting a license soon. HOPE GAS STAYS DOWN, but girls are much cheaper than boys in SC as long as they keep a good driving record
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