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Default Re: Auto Insurance for a teenager..Yikes!

itwonder has the best advise so far. Amica is a fantastic company but they are very hard to get into. You do have a problem with "no proof of prior" some companies requier that as a pre-requisite.

Sounds like you are going about it the right way though, and honestly, 4K is not bad for 3 cars and 3 drivers (assumption), one of them being inexperienced - My wife and I pay 2500 for 2 drivers (each with 5 year clean driving records), 2 cars with 100/300/100 + stacked UM, and one car is liability only. I say you are going about it the right way because you are adding her to your policy. That is the right way to do it. Being in the claims industry for almost 20 years I have seen too many horror stories about parents who do not add the new driver, but instead have them get their own, small limit policy. MISTAKE, as you are still legally responsible for her actions and will not have the protection of the larger policy should something bad happen. last week I was involved in settling a claim for my insured's policy limits + $30K of her uncle's OWN MONEY because he co-signed the car for her, but let her get a minimal policy while he had assets
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