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Default Re: Auto Insurance for a teenager..Yikes!

Glen......I hear you. I can remember when I was considered a "young driver" and it was a bitch. My insurance payments far exceded any other monthly expense I had.

I'm 34 now and when I was 20 I leased a new Chevy Silverado. I put no money out of pocket and my payment was $500.00. Would you believe my insurance was more per month? I had a few non moving violations and no points and nothing within 2 years. I was told it was so high because of the value of the truck, because it was a lease and the leasing company required 100/300 coverage and because of my age. At that time 24 was when you started saving on insurance.

Now I pay $500.00 a month for the same make/model truck (2003), a 2006 Acura TL (lease), my boat with a $50,000 agreed value policy and a $250K term life policy for both me and my wife.

Go figure....

I wish I could point you in the right direction. I have all my stuff with State Farm, have you tried them?