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Default Re: Limb fell on house-Need Advice.

Garrett, if a limb came down on your roof, how and why was the claim denied?

CJS, in a past lifetime I did insurance restoration contracting and, unless things have changed, insurance companies are all too willing to write you a check for the adjuster's damage estimate. Look at the estimate and see whether there's a 20% holdback. This is the 20% overhead and profit (O&P) that insurance companies pay a GC to hire the work done. If you submit bills for materials and do the contracting out yourself, you don't get it. If you do any of the work yourself, you don't get it.
If you have a friend with a GC license, it won't cost you a dime to hire him to do the job or to oversee the job and submit his claim estimate and the bill; thus getting the 20%.
A GC has a much better chance of preparing Supplements, too. These are additions to the repair estimate that reflect hidden damage that the adjuster was unable to see. With a 120 year old house, they would include the actual cost (via written estimate) of a woodworker's producing custom trim. A number of items on an estimate are left Open because an adjuster can't know the final cost. Examples would be electrical, plumbing, custom trim, etc.