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Default Re: Limb fell on house-Need Advice.

I have had several experiences with trees busting up houses. I used to run a sideline tree cutting/firewood business.

Never seen a insurance company duck payment of damage as described.

I did have one customer after several claims (4 or 5) for roof damage, due to the same tree shedding limbs, the insurance company told him to have the tree taken down or they would cancel his homeowner's policy, or not pay anymore roof damage claims (I don't remember which). Now I imagine if the guy would not have had the tree taken down after being warned, maybe then. I did get partial payment from the insurance company for the removal, and partial payment from the howme owner. So I know the insurance company helped pay for the removal.

By the way, without a doubt that particular tree was the largest tree, I had ever taken down. Nearest I can remember the home was located in an older subdivision, small homes, 10' apart. This tree was growing between 2 homes, you could stand on the roof of either home and touch the tree. 80 to 100' tall, heck it had limbs 60' off the ground that were 2' in diameter. The job cost the home owner a pretty penny. I had to rent a 70 ton crane, set it up in the street and his front yard, talk about a mess with permits, escorts, flagmen, utility service workers. Got the job done, tree on the ground with no one hurt, no property damage. Started loading the tree into dump trucks for removal, the home owner comes unglued, claims I am removing his "firewood" without paying him. Well they did have upwards of $500 of firewood in the tree, but this guy didn't even have a fireplace. His plan was to cut the tree up, split the wood, sell it and recover some of the cost of taking the tree down. After talking to this guy as sensibly as I could he saw the light. The butt end of the tree was over 6' across. He didn't even own a chain saw. I ended up getting rid of most of the trunk as it was just to large to handle with the equipment I had.

If you don't mind me saying, get rid of the tree, while the getting is good, have the tree service haul it off, be done with it. Everybody wants firewood, if it's cut and split, but very few want to put the sweat equity into it. You will just end up with a mess to clean up later. You will be busy watching/ monitoring your homes repair.

Good going on the contractor, get the temp repairs done as soon as possible.