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Default Re: the ocean is changing

Yes, the oceans are changing. do we stop it? I don't think so. I travel all over the Caribbean and both sides of central America. The United States is not the major problem in this part of the world. Every factory, bus, semi, and car in central America(except Costa Rica) is belching out the worst smoke and exhaust there is. Yes we have more people and cars than other countries but if you add all the third world up it will dwarf the USA. They have trash of every type in the streets and raw sewage flowing into every river. It all ends up in the ocean. Where you fish a weed line in the USA we fish a trash line in central America.

I can't blame the average person in these countries. they are just trying to get by and find enough money to buy food for the family. The governments are nothing but a legal way of steeling what little money the country has. Politicians in the third world do not get elected to do something for the country, they get elected to get rich by steeling the countries money. All of that being said we can do all that we want in the USA and it will have little of no effect on the overall condition of the oceans. all of the trash and pollution that enters the oceans in central America and the Caribbean sea ends up spreading because of the currents in that region. I do not have first hand knowledge of the rest of the world but I don't see any reason that it would be any different.

Good luck on making any difference in the USA
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