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Default Installing garage heater - question on heat shield

Advice solicited:

Well, I finally convinced the wife that I need a heater in the garage/shop - it is after all the only room in my house that is really mine. After much deliberation, I pulled the trigger this week on the "Mr Heater Vent Free Natural Gas Garage Heater" - 30k BTU, adjustable t-stat, blower, etc. I have a certified plumber buddy coming to stub off the gas line and run it into the garage and then the heater. I'm psyched to say the least.

It will be mounted on the wall - the bottom half of the wall is the concrete form of the garage, the top is fire-rated drywall (new construction as of last year). Here's my dilemma:

The installation calls for the top of the unit to be at least 36" from the ceiling. I have the minimum clearance on the other three sides, but I am about a foot short on the ceiling clearance. I am thinking that some sort of heat shield on the ceiling would make me feel better. I was thinking a sized piece of sheet metal, mounted on 1" square channel steel lengths (to create a vented area behind the sheet, rather than have it right up against the ceiling). From everything I have been able to read on the Web, this type of setup decreases your distance to the ceiling requirement by about 50% at least - so I would easily make it...

Has anyone done anything like this before, or do you have any ideas on another setup that would work to shield the ceiling from the rising heat?

This unit will hardly be used - just to keep the garage from freezing, and occassionally to warm it up to comfortable temperature. Probably a few weeks out of the year...intermittent.

Still, I want to be safe. Also I will hang a CO monitor in the vicinity just to make sure, although the unit does have an auto-shutoff feature for lack of O2.

My only other option is to maybe hang the unit from the concrete lower half of the wall, but then it's sticking out...

Thanks for any advice - much appreciated.