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Default Re: New tag law for motorcycles in Florida.

JAGSARE1 - 12/11/2008 5:10 PM

It is for 2 reasons, to give police another reason to stop a motorcycle to look for other violations and the biggest reason is for the crotch rocket idiots(especially in S. Florida) who run the highways at 120mph + with impunity because the police know they can't catch them. In fact, in South Florida, allegedly, police have been told NOT to chase these bikers because of the danger to the the biker himself and the public. The hope is that they can simply get the tag(because it is easier to read now) and get them that way.

As usual, the stupidity of the few causes a headache for the many.
Bingo! The crotch rocket speeders are out of control down here. They have caused accidents resulting in injury and death due to their wrekless riding. I live close to I-95 and I can hear them all night long speeding up and down the highway.

This is just another example of how a group of ass holes can screw things up for the law abiding citizen. Just like the boat thieves screw things up for other boaters.
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