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Default RE: New tag law for motorcycles in Florida.

One4Water - 12/11/2008 4:08 PM

So what happens when I take my legally registered,tagged and inspected bike down from PA? MY tag is sideways and passes state inspection. The taillight has a built in reflector but no extras are back there and none on the tag.

It's legal here and I am not changing a thing to cross state lines. So far I have not received a ticket in any other state. I doubt out of staters will be made to pay. It's the same as if I drove my car from PA to Jersey. Jersey needs plates front and rear, PA only rear. They will not ticket for not having a front plate if your home state does not require one.

Those fines seem way extreme. I doubt they will be able to enforce for legal out of state bikes. Maybe for locally registered ones they will though.

I would be interested to see what they do.
You are correct - Interstate Commerce and all that - no judge or prosecuters would enforce this on out of state bikes. I would guess law enforcement has been so advised.

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