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Default RE: Free home, no really, it's free (Florida squatters)

In some places squatting is quasi-legal. The squatter is required to safe-guard the legal owners' property, not damage anything and not incur a financial liability for the legal owner. That is why this group tells people 'be honest and put utilities in your own name.' They should also pay the taxes and live their openly to establish "adverse possession" or squatters rights.

In some of the areas that this is not considerred 'trespass' the can become the legal owners after a period of time. That time varies fomr 7-21 years from what I have heard. Their is frequently a shrot window of opportunity for the legal owner to evict them after which they can stay as long as they want until they can file for title (quiet title in some jurisdictions).

Once a squatter vacates the premises their claim evaporates and they have to start over again. I read of a case where the squatters took regular vacations and returnned to find the locks changed and their stuff gone. believe it or not, the court said a taking vacation is not the same as vacating the premises and they got to move back in!

If you have empty property make sure it is checked on a regular basis.