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Default Re: New granite counter top question

Open seams or veins in a finished product is unexceptable. Lay a straight edge
perpendicular across vein, if it's not perfectly flat in all area's, it was damaged during the the installation. If it was'nt damaged during installation, that slab was junk to begin with. Either way the slab should be replaced. If they replace it with
another slab, demand to inspect it prior to fabrication. Run the palm of your hand
across the entire surface of the slab and note any texture deviation from smooth
and ask the fabricator how and if they plan to address any pits, seams, cracks or
open veins prior to the finished product being delivered and installed.
As for repairing it on site, polishing granite is a 9 step process and I've seen very few
people that can do what I would consider an exceptable job.