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Default Re: New granite counter top question

Beleive it or not, the granite with the veining and fissure's are the most expensive, at least in my neck of the woods (VA) This is because they are much more difficult to handle and install for obvious reason's. Basically, you chose a piece of rock with a bunch of cracks in it. One of two things happened. the stone was mishandled and broke , which they do occassionally, or it was just a bad piece from the start. Although some say it should be completely smooth this is not always true as there are always slight imperfections the size of needle heads. 99.5% smooth. However, under no circumstance should there be any flaking. I'm guessing it broke and they repaired it, which they can do, but a piece flaked out when it broke. As far as getting it fixed, the louder you squeal the more oil they will have to use.