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Default Re: New granite counter top question

starmonk - 12/10/2008 5:12 PM I just faxed the approval for my template back a few mins ago. My counters are coming Tuesday. I have to go back to the granite shop one more time for layout. That is where they take a full size template and actualy lay it out on the slab before they cut and mill my tops to see how the grain lays out. They actuall refer to the slab by almost like a serial # so they don't switch to a lower grade slab. Did your granite shop give you a chance to participate in the layout? Did you have to sign off on the steps? If not I would be highly motivated to bust some cans that they slapped you up with a bad slab of granite.

My wife and I picked it out from the supply in the yard, then they came to make the template, then the came to install. I was not in on the cut and mill.

We are awaiting the return call to come out and inspect the problem. After looking at it again when I got home I think I might have exaggerated the size slightly in deepness, although I'm still concerned that it could crack along the line. I am concerend that it is in what will be the most used section of the counter, between the sink and range. Adding to that, I also have concerns about putting hot and frozen items in that spot as well as getting it wet from the sink.

Link to some pics: