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Default RE: New granite counter top question

WEAKFISH - 12/10/2008 4:01 PM Can't figure out what you're describing. By "flaking stone" do you mean some of it is flaking off the slab? Can you feel the fissure like a crack? Those are not normal. Did you have a chance to inspect the slab first?
If I were to roll a marble across it slowlyit would stop and sit in the crevice. I chose the slab in the yard of the company, as far as inspecting it, I did not notice any flaw like this. As we use the kitchen more and more (we just finished the renov) I am noticing slight pockholes here and there too, maybe the size of a pinhead and shallow.

emudryj - 12/10/2008 4:03 PM I would think, no, it's not normal. I also installed a granite countertop on my kitchen and it's completely smooth... I understand that that's the way is supposed to be completely smooth....that's why they polish it. In my opinion it shouldn't have any texture. Did the guys or company that cut it for you told you anything about imperfections, or price being lower due to problems on the stone???
Nothing mentioned about imperfections but my brother for example has had granite for about 5 years now and has not this issue, although he thinks the small pockholes might be normal. I did not think it could be completely smooth.