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Default Re: Anyone own one of these 4 wheelers (BMS Motorsport)

Over the past few years there have been a million different "Generic brand" ATV's new to the market......some are total sh*t boxes and some of the bigger newer ones are half decent, but they will never come close to the quality and ability of the major brand atv's

Like everthing you get what you pay for, its not tlike chevy vs ford these things WILL fall apart. If you get half seriously into atv ridding and you get some experiance you will relize these quads are worthless and will not hold up to any seriouse ridding. As I said some of the bigger ones are OK at best but they are really not much of a bargen as far as price goes for a $1000 more you can get a major brand.

For a first time atver or even a kid do your self a favor and look at the smaller honda foremans and ranchers, you will thank yourself a few years down the road. In a few years that atv will be worth nothing!! But a honda will always be worth something!!!

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