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Default Re: Another Ammo question

The Classic - 12/8/2008 11:40 AM

ggibby - 12/7/2008 7:23 PM

Eyeball - I do not understand the meaning of the sentence,

"you do not want to use lethal force with ammo designed for home defense"

What is wrong with this ammunition? Is home defense ammunition different in some way that makes you more at risk for suit?
I think he is talking about frangible ammo like the glazier safety slug and rat shot. The point of those is to not over penetrate through walls. The trouble is that something that won't penetrate a wall won't penetrate a bad guy either.

Well, no, that's not what I was thinking, tho it can be a concern if the bad guy is wearing a heavy leather jacket.

If you use lethal force with ammo designed for lethal force it begs the question; did you shoot because you had to or because you wanted to use your lethal force toys. Think: civil lawsuit. Like I said above, if you use lethal force, you will be sued. You never want to be in a position of having to defend against the accusation you wanted to kill someone for any reason, however justified. You want to 'stop' a threat, not kill someone. If they die during the course of you stopping that threat, so be it.

If a .357 is too much oomph for home defense, get the right gun and the right ammo for the job. Once the cops decide your use of lethal force was justified, they are though with you. But the surviving family of the dead guy will just be getting started. You will be sued.

Find a place local to you that teaches home defense, preferably by off duty cops. Sign up and take the course. Best defense in a lawsuit is that you did what cops taught you to do.

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