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Default Re: Another Ammo question

The Classic - 12/8/2008 8:29 AM

Any ammo for self defense should be of the leathal type. Just use a good quality hollow point.

Best advice in this thread so far. You do NOT want to use lethal force with ammo designed for in-home use because behind every dead perp is a family waiting to sue you.

Everyone that intends to defend themselves with lethal force should educate themselves on how the whole process works, both criminally and civilly. If you are ever in a situation where you must protect yourself with lethal force, you will want to cooperate with the police but you do NOT talk to them except through a criminal defense attorney. Educate yourself on how to do this properly BEFORE you have to. Know that you will be sued by surviving family. Know how to defend against that lawsuit BEFORE you have to. Hint: you want to use regular old ammo in a regular old gun, nothing designed specifically for self defense. And NEVER mix ammo types in a weapon you will use for defense.

If you ever use lethal force, budget about $20k for the experience. And this is only if everything goes in your favor.

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