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Eyeball - 12/6/2008 1:27 PM
twentynine - 12/6/2008 8:06 PM ... tell him to strip my gear and either get his arse in the boat, or sit in the truck for the day, I didn't care which. I get my gear he gets in the boat and away we go, that dude must be dying, I got insulated stuff on and I am still cold, he's got a jacket and jeans. By the time we get the first spot he is turning blue. ...
Didn't read past that. That there is YOUR mistake. If the idiot doesn't have the proper attire, you needed to call the trip. Done for the day. Go home. Your desire to go fishing does not trump the safety of anyone, and being that cold IS a safety issue.

Hey Eyeball

Bite ME!

I was fully prepared, and I was not fixing to turn around and drive 70 miles back home inwhat was by that time rush hour traffic through the heart of New Orleans CBD. He had the option of staying in the truck or going fishing.

In truth if a serious risk to health or life was present I would have not allowed him on the boat, but in no way would have I canceled my fishingtrip. If the dip sh!t would have said something before we left the house, I could have fully equiped him with all manner of clothes. After all I work in the weather, round the clock, so warm clothes I got. But he allows me to drive 1 hr 15 minutes - 75 miles and then expresses he is not prepared.

The night before I called those invovled set up the 0415 wake up call, he told me then about bringing his truck to the shop. I told him to go ahead and do it then, after all what is the difference between 2000hrs and 0430 hrs. Also I called his attention to the weather, and asked him if he needed clothes for the predicted weather conditions. He was adament in his reply that no he had these super duper thermoinsulated NASA approved coveralls that he bought from Cabela's he didn't need any of my"cheap workin man stuff".

Sowhen I made the decission to go, it was no consious thought, I was prepared, I had made the effort, and I had gave sh!t for brains an option. It doesn't take an astronaut to figure out that without that 2 gajillion dollar suit from Cabelas he was going to be cold.

Primarily I do think I made a mistake if that's what you areafter, I should have pulled out at 0430 as planned.Leaving Ole Burp and Slurp behind!

Beyond that you have no notion as to time, distance we were from the landing, nor how my boat is equiped, nor my ability, so--------------------

BITE ME!!!!!!!!!