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Default One of them Days

Had one of them days!Started out bad. Fishing podnahs suppose to be at my home for a 0430 departure. Called them at 0415 with a wake up call. They replied "On the Way". The two guys live about 1 mile down the road and they are the young type that require nothing beyond a good pee, to be ready. 45 minutes later they are still no where to be seen, call their cell phone, "we are almost there". Also telling me they had to drop off a truck for repair, stop at a store ( none on the way to my house, so where did they go?) get breakfast. They get to my place at 0500 through the stuff in the truck and we are off. This is one of those spend a little time with the guys trips for me, one of the guys is the young man who I hired to cut my grass, the other is a young man I call when I need heavy lifting done. As nicely as I could I tell them, I don't require them to pay for anything, not gas, not bait, not launch, I even bring the drinks, ice and snacks. But they do need to respect me enough to get to the house on time, after all I was up at 0330, got the boat packed and ready, ate breakfast, coffe, constitution and walked the dog. All they had to do was roll out and drive 1 mile, get in the truck, and as usual go back to sleep, while I drive.Both were adament in their apology, and then they broke out the bisquits they had bought at the store for breakfast. Ham, eggs, bacon man them things smelled good. I right away noticed a problem, they had two bisquits not three, ugh-- somebody is odd man out. I asked if they had bought a bisquit for me, reply no Mr 29, we didn't have time. How much longer does it take to say three bisquits instead of two bisquits? Well no matter I ate breakfast, plain cherios and skim milk, yum!Launch the boat in 20 MPH winds and 40*. So while they are parking the truck I try to get my bibs and parker on, it's gone! I look up and knothead #2 is walking across the parking lot wearing them. Ugh-- problem number 3, he tells me he didn't bring any cold weather gear. By now I am slightly on edge, tell him to strip my gear and either get his arse in the boat, or sit in the truck for the day, I didn't care which. I get my gear he gets in the boat and away we go, that dude must be dying, I got insulated stuff on and I am still cold, he's got a jacket and jeans. By the time we get the first spot he is turning blue. I have mercy on him and break out the emergency chemical heat packs.At the first spot we didn't fish because I noticed birds working about 1/2 mile up the canal. Headed over, deployed the trolling motor, turn to grab my rod. Knot head #2 got one of my rods, specificly the one I was going for, I figure he was just handing it to me. So I grab it out of his hand, free the line and cast. I did notice a forlorn look in his eye, but I thought it was his brain being cold. I make the first cast and down goes the bobber, first trout in the boat. I hit the foot peddle on the trolling motor and it goes BANG! sparks and smoke fly out of the control head, not good. Trolling motor dead! In the stiff wind, without a trolling motor, no way are we going to maintain position on these fish. In the mean time I notice Knot head #2 is in my tackle box, not unusual, they never have tackle for fishing, they don't even bring a box, just rods. Well he grabs a $7 Redbone's Speculizer, ties it on and he's ready. then I notice he's using my rod with the braided line, it was setup to fish a jig head. I ask him, where are your rods he tells me I didn't bring any. I ask him why he didn't tell me before we left my home, I have a couple of dozen rods to equip him with? He shruggs and cast. In the mean time I have laid my rod down on the front deck to deal with the trolling motor, Knot head #1 came forward to ASSIST me. All we could do was unplug it and fold it back into the boat. Grab my rod to continue fishing while I could, uhhhh- the top 18" is broken off the rod. Now I am getting a little peaved.Knot head #2 begins telling me that he has a new girlfriend (first one I think). A few minutes later his cell phone began going off, ring, ring, ring, or donky-dink with a text message. He makes a cast, while the bait is in the water, he's talking on the cell or returning a text. The third time I retrieved my bait with his line wrapped around it in a big mess, I kindly told him, to either fish and put up the phone or put up the rod and talk on the phone. He makes a smart remark keeps on doing what he was doing.Then I notice that Knot head #2 is fishing live bait under a bobber. I kinda wondered how he swapped rigs so fast.He has ripped the rubber shrimp off the Speculizer, I had glued it on with super glue, and the shrimp are one of a kind, the shrimp goes bad the bait is finished. $7 bait casted twice then ruined, I am now not happy, ask him about it and he holds up the shreaded remanins of the dayglow shrimp. Says "I saved it to put back on."My line is out, feel someting working on it, I set the hook, strange it feels funny, not fishy. In the boat comes my line and bait along with about 25 yards of #2's line, bare hooks, knotted up like you ain't never seen. I sit down to untangle-retie the mess. All the while #2 is talking on the phone text messaging and laughing at me trying to get the mess sorted out. Now i have to say Knothead #1 has got the message a few minutes ago, he is fishing, minding his own business, contributing to the operation. #2 is being a arse. I had one of those brain hemorrages, whirled around on #2 and told him I was going to thow him hisphone and his sh!tfaced attitude into the marsh, sit back watch the mullets try to eat him. He now understands that, being late, not buying me a bisquit,taking my clothes, taking my rod, abussing my tackle, being in the way, not paying attention, causing every one a head ache has done pushed me over the edge.Low and behold inspite of the trouble I managed to find a spot favorable to wind and tide, we got a short trout bite on. Not bigones, but the make the measure, and they are coming into the boat one every five minutes or so. In between we are getting a bunch of shorts to throw back. I notice #2 is now fishing with one of #1's rods, fine by me. Long as he leaves my stuff alone. I pick up the rod #2 was using, with intention ofrerigging it to the original jig head, I cut the shattered remains of the $7 bait off, tie the 1/4 ounce jig head back on. Bait it with a day glow shad plastic, and make a cast. Right away I notice a problem, they ain't no handle on the reel, it's gone, how could I not notice that before. So I ask #2, what happened to the handle? he replies that I had the handle on the wrong side for him touse, so he swapped it around, sometime during the time he was using it, the backing nut fell off and the handle come loose. So I asked"where are the parts". He replied "I don't know." Also making a smart arse comment about my"cheap arse gear". Well, all I can say is I did not kill him, nor did I do any physical harm to him, but he knows he will never set foot in my boat again. He made a little off the cuff comment about Mr 29 being in a huff, but that I really loved him anyway. I told him in no uncertain terms that his lack of respect had burned his sheet with me and that I indeed loved him, I loved him so much that I would love to drag him behind my truck on a short chain.Long story short, we caught 12 specks, 15 black drum, two flounder and one white trout.Trip home#2 asked to borrow my truck when we got home, I make the assumtion that he needed it after the clean up was done. Wrong, got home, unhooked the truck he took the keys and left me and #1 standing there. I turned to #1 told him that all in all I was glad he was gone, cause I was going to kill him.#1 and I clean the fish, clean the boat, and pack the fish, the 15 minute errand that #2 had has now stretched into 1 hour and a half. Prior to his leaving I told him that my wife and I had a Xmas party to attend that night and I required my truck and I required my truck by 1700. 1630 #2 pulls up, the back of my truck is full of yard equipment, he walks into the house without care and casually mentions that I need to bring him to his truck that has been in the shop all day. Then he walks over to #1 grabs the packed fish and tells him that no way could #1 have all the fish.Needless to say late for everything that evening, and #2 is washed up with me.Do you guys Have friend like that?