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Default Re: Converting a two prong outlet to a three prong outlet

bsmit24 - 12/4/2008 2:18 AM

I was rewiring a room for my girlfriend at the time and had turned off the breakers and tested everything. After getting shocked I found out that the electrician jumped the neutral from the neighboring room, why I do not know.
If you had used one of the testers below or the one t3rockhall is displaying before you got into the wires you would have known that there still was current there.

If anyone is going to buy an outlet tester they might as well buy the Ground Fault Receptacle Tester variety.
GFCI Tester & Circuit Tester
The circuit tester t3rockhall is showing in his thread above is not used to test GFI outlets / circuits.


Leave your outlets/ circuit alone or add the third wire.

I don't know what your code is in your area, but what I know is an ungrounded GFI
outlet must be marked indicating such right on the outlet cover. An ungrounded GFI outlet will not give the person the same protection as a grounded GFI outlet. By
indicating the outlet is not properly protected the home owner is side stepping
liability issues. Without proper identification of an ungrounded GFI outlet the home
owner is dancing on eggshells.