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I've had comcast for over 25 years... yall are just rookies. The suck is big with this company. Bigger than simple cable outages from time to time.
Want HBO- need digital package.
Want NFL netowk- need digital package.
Want any extra stuff- need digital package.

They used to handle cell phones, I had one. I changed address, they sent bill to wrong house. I called & paid about a week after I realized the bill never came. A total of $25. They took my credit card as payment, but forgot to list me as paid. Sent the bill to collections & then sold off the cell buisness. That friggin $25 stayed on my credit report for 7 years, cost me point on my first mortgage, gave me the fits at the car dealership. They could care less because the sold the division. If I was older & wiser at the time, I would have sued.

I move to MD a few years later, cable was $50 for everything. All the channels & deals, $50. Then comcrap took over, $50 for basic, 120 for everything....
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