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Default Comcast SUCKS!

Damn I'm tired of this company. When I first got it about 2 years ago it wasn't bad. Now they can't keep the cable on for more than an hour or two before it goes out. And when it goes out its for an hour or two at a time.
I have called customer care, and sent emails to the corperate office. It is a friggin joke. All they want to do is send a tech out to my house. They have already wasted so much of my time. They have replaced every cable and connector from my TV out to the pole accross the street. That includes the cable that is suspended over the street.

Now I have some executives email and I send a nasty email every time the cable goes out, I have sent 4 today. This lady keeps wanting to send a tech out to my house. One came today but ofcourse the cable was working perfect when he was here, so he found nothing and did nothing.

Sorry for the venting.

Now.....whats better these days? Direct TV or Dish Netwoek?