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Default navnet to 582 ??

when i was buying my cables, i had to buy two separate cables. the cables come with a connector on one end (either 6-pin or 7-pin) and just the pig tails on the other end. i suppose you could talk to a marine electronics dealer and he could make you one cable that goes directly from one machine to the other. he would have to put the proper connectors on either end and then "cross" the wires to the appropriate pins. i would imagine it's much cheaper to just get two separate cables.

i have a couple of different interfaces in my boat. i have a gp-37 which talks to a 292 bottom machine. then i have an 1850df which talks to an 1833 radar and also to a simrad autopilot. i have the gp-37 outputting position (lat/lon), speed and other information about waypoints to the 292 bottom machine. i have the 1850 outputting position, speed and waypoint info to the 1833 and the a/p as well as depth. this allows me to leave the chartplotter on full screen charting mode while navigation data is displayed on the screen of the radar...which when navigating using the radar is where i want it anyway...i can just take a quick glance at the chart plotter to get my bearings.

if you are going to do the work yourself, go to the furuno website and go to the support, ask a question page. tell them the two units you want to interface. they will tell you the cables to order (with part nums) and will tell you which color to hook up to which color and which sentences to turn on. they are excellent that way.

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